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PHD to PhD: How Education Saved My Life
By Elaine Richardson, Ph.D.

Unapologetic autobiography of struggle and triumph inspiring millions of girls to achieve despite ANY obstacles.

COLUMBUS, OHIO – April, 2013 – PHD to PhD: How Education Saved My Life (Parlor Press/New City Community Press, 2013) is a new gripping, no-holds-barred memoir, that details how education took Dr. Elaine Richardson from being a PHD, or Po Ho on Dope, to getting a real Ph.D.

Focusing on higher education and empowerment, Richardson utilizes her life journey to reach out to those ensnared in hopelessness, those who are where she was. “I really do believe the only reason why God let me live is so I could tell my story,” Richardson explains, “I did things I’m not proud of, but I want somebody to feel like they can make it, too!”

“Education saved my life,” asserts Richardson as she recalls her struggle to return to school and get re-acclimated from a warpath of self-destruction to a life of self-respect and academic achievement. The road was far from easy, but despite obstacles, Richardson propelled her efforts, graduating with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cleveland State University and earning a doctorate in English from Michigan State University.

While women and youth are among the fastest growing audience for the book, Dr. Elaine Richardson’s message will touch the hearts of all those reaching from darkest corners for a better life.

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About the Author

Dr. Elaine Richardson, Ph.D. aka Dr. E. is Professor of Literacy Studies in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. She focuses on literacy education of African American and African diasporic people, and specializes in critical language and literacy education for social equality. Richardson belongs to a global network of Hiphop activist-educators for social transformation. She founded The Ohio State University Hiphop Literacies Conference and an Afterschool Program for middle school girls in 2011 (currently serving sixth to eighth grade girls). Richardson uses her story of recovery from human trafficking and drugs to becoming an award winning Ph.D., performer and recording artist to motivate others. She has won awards from the National Council of Negro Women, City of Columbus, and Cleveland State University, and other organizations.PHD to PhD: How Education Saved My Life (Parlor Press/New City Community Press, 2013) is now available at Amazon.

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