Guest Speaker for Antioch Prison Ministry

Thanks to Reverend Mylion Waite for inviting me to speak at Antioch Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday June 28th, 2015.  This has got to be one of the best comments I’ve ever received:

‘Several people have asked  ”what are the three qualities or criterion that pimps looked for in a woman.”  I remember you said, low self esteem, someone who needed to be loved, but can’t remember the third.  You need to know, that people can’t stop talking about what they heard.  The conversation at the Monday night Bible study was all about Dr. E and her story. and not the book of Romans.  The conversation at the Book club, which should have been Toni Morrison’s God Help the  Child –instead, turned into an hour discussion about Dr. E and her story –no one minded that our agendas were changed.  That is how powerful your story and delivery were.’
I am beyond encouraged!